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1 year warranty is provided for each device.

 1. The warranty covers the proven design defective parts and replace them for free during one (1) year from date of purchase. In any case the device is not only replaced when necessary by the PHOTO-PROFESSIONAL.

2. The Repair Form must be completed fully and attached the document of sale.

3. There must have been no modification of the device.

4. The device should not be opened by an unauthorized technician.

5. The warranty does not entitle any other damages beyond repair the damage.

6. The repair is done in the laboratory of the PHOTO-PROFESSIONAL seat.

7. The warranty covers the original purchaser and is not transferable. 



1. Transportation costs (collection and delivery)

2. Damage caused by misuse, misapplication, blow, wrong link, network modulating voltage, short circuit, fire, extreme temperature, humidity, weather conditions (lightning, flood, exposure to sun)

3. Broken, or scratched strapatsarismenes facades and boxes.

4. Upgrades, modifications, improvements or developments that can be done in similar devices.

5. Consumables (batteries, etc)

6. Cleaning and maintenance equipment. 



1. After 3 months of repair, the company assumes no liability for further storage.

2. A written order of priority for all devices to be repaired.

3. The repaired device description for the listed damage.

4. It is recommended to control operating devices when received.

5. 3 months warranty for repairs out of warranty for the damage was repaired.


All products covered by warranty 1 years only if they have purchased from us or from our authorized reseller, if accompanied by proof of purchase. 


The products are not admitted by the company shall have no warranty or phone support. These products can only be repaired with a corresponding charge damage and the cost of replacement.