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Quantuum Ring Flash 600w

Quantuum Ring Flash 600w

Ring Flash QUANTUUM RF 800 with the power of 600 Ws and a battery

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Ring Flash Quantuum RF-800 is a professional photographic flash usually used during fashion shoots and for the purposes of portrait and macro-photography. Reflector's power and capacity of the battery allow for the comfortable work outside the studio as well. Flash power equals 600 WS, there are 10 bulbs placed around the reflector. Reflector's external diameter is 20,5 cm, while its internal size is 10 cm, therefore the device may be used together with the majority of portrait lenses available on the market today.


RF-800 lamp is equipped with a pistol grip. The handgrip features a tripod mount. The grip is connected with the flash via adjustable joint allowing to change the shooting angle. An umbrella mount is placed just above the joint. Red button is placed on the back part of the flash and turns on the modelling light. RF-800 is equipped with a rail allowing to match a camera to the lamp. The camera is mounted by easy to use bolt. Camera mounting area is protected by a non-slip material. The bottom part features a double tripod mounting for 1/4 and 3/8 threads. Flash power is smoothly adjusted, within the range from full power down to 1/8 of power, using potentiometer placed on the battery's casing, which also provides the button allowing to control the flash’s other functions. Key functions include switches enabling pilot light and sound signal. Red diode informs about readiness of the device, when the capacitor is almost discharged.

The kit comes with :

  • Bag,
  • RF-800
  • Battery
  • Charger (UK/EU) + reduction to charge the spare battery cell
  • Synchro cord
  • Rail
  • Foil bag


The kit is packed in a black bag closed with a zipper and an additional strap with a fastener. Additionally, the bag comes with an arm strap that may be disassembled thanks to the metal joints. The strap also features an arm pad made of non-slip material The cover is equipped with two fastened straps for additional accessories, such as e.g. tripod. There is also a compartment inside the bag separating the flash from the battery. The compartment may be easily removed thanks to the Velcro fastener. The interior of the bag is protected by a special foam.



Technical parameters:


  • Power: 600Ws
  • Internal reflector's diameter: 9,5 cm
  • External reflector's diameter: 20,5 cm
  • Number of remote controls: 10 bulbs placed around the reflector (burning after the button is pressed)

Weight: 1,1 kg

1. Power socket,
2. Switches
3. TEST button
4. Fotocell
5. Flash power adjustment within the range from 1/1 to 1/8
6. SYNC socket
7. Ready indicator
8. Fuse canister
9. Flash connection socket
10. Arm strap equipped with metal elements and made of non-slip material,
11. Metal casing,
12. Rubber base
13. Plug allowing to disassemble the cell

Weight: 3,0 kg


Around six hours of charging time

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